Who is behind it?

Sunnyvale, an Italian computer sciences firm, is the company which evolved Adapter-Logic Application from an R&D project into a full fledged software product, globally marketed and supported.


The multi-adapter idea came in may 2008 during a Sunnyvale's consulting activity in a major gas & energy italian company, where the very expensive adapters for connecting to a SAP R/3 system did not make the customer happy in term of performance, functionality and openness.
Sunnyvale leveraged the inflection point to develop a java based multithreading adapter between web services technology and SAP, successfully deployed in production environment in september of the same year.
The Sunnyvale's solution started to gain success, making the customer migrate more and more services from old adapter technology to Sunnyvale's one, this time with multiple frontend and backend protocols.
In the year 2009, the Sunnyvale's customer installation servers more than 50 integration services, mediating between protocols such as SAP, Web Services, JMS, Active Directory and more.

Sunnyvale capitalizing on its experience in enterprise application integration field, evolved its multiadapter to a full fledged software product named Adapter-Logic Application, ready for enterprise class deployments.


Denis Maggiorotto, the Sunnyvale's CEO and ALA product manager, is the one that is currently driving the technology strategy of the project.


In 2010, the University of Turin, computer sciences department, got interested in Adapter-Logic Application and wanted a partnership to help students increase their working experience through thesis and stages in Sunnyvale.