Sunnyvale recognise that no one can do it all, that's why we partner with leading companies, universities and institutions to provide the most comprehensive enterprise application integration solutions to our customers.


Companies and Value Added Resellers

itmind_logo IT Mind is a Turin-based consulting firm, mainly focused on any aspect of enterprise consulting, ranging from business consulting to IT consulting, It also delivers turn-key software solutions.
In EAI projects, IT Mind leverages Sunnyvale Adapter-Logic Application to allow different softwares to talk to each other, keeping down complexity and scaling as the customer's business scales.
IT Mind is an Adapter-Logic Application value added reseller.
redhat_ready Red Hat program has certified Sunnyvale as one of their Ready partners. In a drive to create more partnerships in the industry, Sunnyvale has achieved another milestone in their goal to becoming the leader in quality maintenance teams that provide first-class information technology services to businesses across the world.




The University of Turin, strongly interested in the A.L.A. project, has asked a partnership with Sunnyvale.

In the 2010, students about to get a degree in computer sciences, will be engaged in EAI projects using Adapter-Logic Application,  having a great opportunity to increase their working experience.

AreaNetworking is a non-profit organization, made up of ICT professionals who share interests and targets, and has been recognized as a major focal point in the field of Information Technology in Italy.
AreaNetworking has the best documentation portal, the biggest CISCO User Group in Italy and maintain a lot of other activities.


Projects and third-party applications

netbeans_community Sunnyvale has adopted NetBeans as official integrated development environment to release Adapter-Logic Application. Strongly convinced about the power of Java, Sunnyvale thinks that NetBeans will soon represent the next generation development framework to build key technology solutions in financial, government, healthcare, automotive and many other sectors.


Working as a service provider, A.L.A. can be invoked via HTTP hiding behind all these systems, while providing applications vital to the business of the company, face major difficulties in modern service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Sunnyvale A.L.A. and OpenESB together form a complete integration suite for export and import information by using Web Service interfaces exclusively such as Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL)

nagios Nagios is a popular open source computer system and network monitoring software application.
With Nagios' console, system administrators can easily monitor the status of A.L.A. instances and take the appropriate action if an alarm occures.


Become a partner

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