In this section you can find a list of success stories, applications, distributed systems and companies that exploited the power of Sunnyvale ALA to win an Enterprise Application Integration challenge. This list is updated costantly, tomorrow you might see listed in this page your EAI experience as well.

Accessing SAP R/3 resources using different communication protocols
sapA major Italian gas and energy company, after having made the comparison between the adapter used until then and the solution proposed by Sunnyvale, considered that the latter was in the lead over at least three aspects:
- A single installation of ALA can be configured to manage a wide range of services, protocols and applications, rather than install an adapter for each platform.
- Multithreading: unlike other solutions that they accept a maximum of one request at a time serializing the others, ALA thanks to multithreading offered by Controller instances, is capable of handling more than fifty calls simultaneously. Until then, a similar result was obtained only by replicating the number of adapter processes with a significant increase in operating costs.
- Anti-deadlock protection: there are situations where, due to SAP's internal errors, a response after an RFC invocation is never returned to the client. In those cases other adapters can not detect the error and wait for a response discarding all pending requests until the restart of the process. Thinking in terms of threads and not server processes, with ALA such a situation would be handled only by blocking a thread but guaranteeing that other requests will be processed and no restart of the application will ever be required.
Bringing website data on a native iPhone application

postetrackIn modern utility applications there is the need to consume data coming from a wide range of sources: a Web 2.0 portal could present to the users informations stored on a legacy system, a mobile application might need to display data retrieved from a website and so on.

The latter is the case of PosteTrack, a native iPhone application (available on the App Store) that brings the Italian Postal Service in the pocket of Apple users. 

Sunnyvale's Adapter-Logic Application is responsible to receive requests from iPhone, query the Postal Service's website and transform the response to be rendered correctly on the user's device.